Nintendo fans and gamers in general are excited for whatever hardware Nintendo brings out following the Switch. Rumors point to it being a device very similar to Switch in terms of form factor and functionality, but with much improved tech under the hood. With over 133 million Switch owners out there, there’s little doubt a massive amount of that group will be looking to jump to Switch’s successor as well. Turns out devs and pubs are just as excited.

While no companies are talking about specifics when it comes to Switch’s successor, one publisher is willing to share their general excitement for the platform. In an interview with Venturebeat, Nick Button-Brown, chairman of Outright Games, opened up about the company’s interest in Nintendo’s next round of hardware. If Button-Brown knows specifics he isn’t saying, but he’s clearly eager to follow the Big N to their next platform.

Obviously, Switch 2 is coming. We love Switch 2. Switch 2 will be fantastic and create a whole new opportunity. For us, one of the interesting things about that transition is the hand-me-downs. A parent buys a Switch 2 for the older kids, but the younger kids get the Switch. That’s a great thing for us because then the younger kids want to play Paw Patrol. We like hand-me-down consoles.

[Nick Button-Brown, chairman of Outright Games,]

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