Publisher Mebius and developer RS34 have revealed that their shoot ’em up game, Illvelo Swamp Happy Together, will be released sometime in Japan in the second half of 2024 for the Nintendo Switch. This game will be based on llmatic Envelop Swamp.

The game is priced at 3,980 yen for the digital version and 6,980 for the physical version, which includes Illvelo Swamp together with it.

Changes made to this version (by Gematsu):

  • Not Just Difficulty and Score System Changes – System-wise, the game has been made easier to play and changed to a stage-based format. Stages ranging from easy (that beginners playing for the first time can clear) to highly difficult are being implemented.
  • Player Ship System Revamp – The new player ship can switch between attack (doll) attributes. With four attributes and four attacks, you can deploy a wide variety of attacks. RS34’s specialty ultra firepower ship remains alive and well.
  • Story Mode – According to an RS34 survey, many players wanted to know the story of Illvelo Swamp, so a Story Mode has been added. The story of Illvello, which is being told properly for the first time, will unfold starting with typical dialogue scenes, and continues even throughout shoot ’em up segments. By meeting specific conditions as you play, the difficulty level of Story Mode will change, so it can be enjoyed with a variety of play styles.

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