NACON and development studio Cyanide are pleased to announce that the Cooking Lab DLC for Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator, from the LIFE range of games, is now available for free on Switch.

With the Cooking Lab, a new kitchen workstation is added to Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator so players can create their own recipes from thousands of possible combinations. From the recipe’s core element to accompaniments, sauce and garnishes, everything can be customized to taste to create new signature dishes and refresh your menu. Creativity knows no bounds in Chef Life!

Budding chefs can also stay after the evening service to practice developing new dishes without time limits or other restrictions thanks to a patch that has already been rolled out.

With Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator, players can live the life of a restaurant owner and hone their skills to one day be featured in the Michelin Guide and even receive its famous culinary distinctions. This can only be achieved through excellent cooking technique, selecting the best ingredients and leading a talented kitchen team so customers have a wonderful experience every day.


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