Pokémon UNITE "Miraidon Moves" Overview Trailer

Check out the moves on this guy!

26 February 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Last week, we learned that Miraidon will be available soon in Pokémon UNITE as a playable character. Ahead of the Pokémon’s release, Pokémon Co. has put out a new trailer showing off just some of what Miraidon has to offer UNITE players. Check out the trailer above to see the legendary Pokémon in action!

Pokémon Day is sure to bring with it all sorts of exciting announcements, as Pokémon Co. recently confirmed a Pokémon Presents for February 27th, 2024 as well. The company has promised to share “exciting news” on all things Pokémon, and we’ll be covering every last tidbit.

Join Trainers from around the world as they head for Aeos Island to compete in Unite Battles! In Unite Battles, Trainers face off in 5-on-5 team battles to see who can score the most points within the allotted time. Teamwork is key as you and your teammates defeat wild Pokémon, level up and evolve your partner Pokémon, and knock out the opposing team’s Pokémon to prevent them from scoring points. Put your teamwork to the test, and take home the win!

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