The entire Epic Mickey franchise came together thanks to legendary game designer, Warren Spector. Many were surprised to learn of Spector’s undying love for the Mickey universe, and even more taken aback to see him working on a 3D platformer. That collaboration saw two mainline games and a spin-off, but Spector apparently still has more Mickey ideas kicking around in his head.

Just last week we saw the reveal of Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, a remake of the original Epic Mickey for Switch. This remake includes all sorts of upgrades, revamps, tweaks and more, but it also had people wondering if we’d ever see a true third installment in the series. While we don’t know if that day will come, we now know Spector would love to make it happen.

Spector shared a message on his LinkedIn profile about Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, sharing his excitement for the remake and congratulating the teams at Purple Lamp and THQ Nordic making it happen. He also used this as an opportunity to talk about his desire to tackle Epic Mickey 3, although he’s not quite sure he has the time to make it happen.

“I’d love to do Epic Mickey 3 but I have a day job that would make that impossible. I actually have a high-level idea for what I’d do in a tri-quel. Don’t worry what I’m working on is pretty darn cool and OtherSide is looking to hire for that project and one other we’re working on.”

[Warren Spector]

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5M ago

Well this will only depend if Warren is kept on a close leash. Because if he does a third game that carries over any issues or lingering issues from the last two games, Epic Mickey 3 will be a flop and Disney will probably ban him from any Disney work going forward.


5M ago

If he does end up making part 3, I hope it adopts the visual style seen in the original concept art.