We’ve officially made it to Pokémon Day 2024, and all sorts of events and festivities are set to take place. There’s the Pokémon Presents airing in a few hours, the Empire State Building is getting bathed in yellow and gold for the occasion, and now some classic Pokémon soundtracks are available to stream as well.

As of today, Pokémon Co. has added the soundtracks for Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed and LeafGreen to Pokémon Game Sound Library. You are able to stream these classic soundtracks for free, and even better, you can use them to download the soundtracks too. The only thing Pokémon Co. asks is that you don’t use the music for profit.

The Pokémon Game Sound Library is only available to those in Japan and throughout Asia, so what are Pokémon fans to do in the rest of the world? No worries, as Pokémon Co. has also added the soundtracks to YouTube as well! You can enjoy both OSTs below.

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