Today’s Games, an indie studio made up of devs behind League of Legends, Serious Sam, SCUM, have just shared trailer for their debut game, ReSetna. You can get a look at this brand-new Metroidvania above.

Game description: ReSetna is set in a world populated by sentient machines whose populations have been devastated by a monstrous virus. In such a fallen realm, unknown entities activate a unique metallic maiden in a remote location. Her name is Resetna, and what begins as her pure fight for survival soon becomes something much more. The game will have rich and meaningful lore and dozens of interesting characters, including compelling bosses, based on psychological pathologies.

The gameplay features a unique chip-based upgrade system, allowing the players to instantly change their playstyle and use their wits to increase their combat abilities or exploration potential. ReSetna is imagined to be a beautiful metroidvania with all the traits that made these games so popular, while trying to break some new ground in gameplay and atmosphere.

ReSetna is coming to Switch sometime in Q4 2024. We’ll bring you a more specific date once one is announced.

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