Mario is an absolute icon, spearheading the pop culture movement for decades now. Nintendo has legions of fans the world over thanks to Mario, and that group of followers happens to include some very impressive names.

Paul McCartney is legendary for his work with The Beatles and other solo projects, making him one of the biggest names in music, period. McCartney clearly has an ear for what makes music memorable and enjoyable, and we now know he found those properties in the tunes of Super Mario Bros..

In a Washington Post feature, we learn that both Shigeru Miyamoto and Koji Kondo attended a concert of McCartney’s in Japan. During the show, McCartney heard that both Miyamoto and Kondo were in attendance, and he made sure to invite both backstage. This led to Miyamoto and Kondo meeting McCartney and his wife for a bit of a chat.

According to Kondo, the very first thing McCartney did when meeting the duo was hum the first 6 notes of the Super Mario Bros. theme. Without even saying a word, McCartney showed Miyamoto and Kondo just how impactful their work was. Kondo looked back on the meeting, calling it an “incredible moment.”

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