Just last week, Bandai Namco announced that Gundam Breaker 4 is coming to Switch later this year. This the next entry in the hack and slash looter franchise allowing players to customize their Gunpla and fight waves of enemies and bosses. Today, we’ve learned a bit more news on the title that’s sure to make everyone happy.

Bandai Namco has confirmed that GUNDAM BREAKER 4 is going to include a full English dub, featuring “voice work from veterans of other Gundam works.” In other words, if you have a favorite actor from one of the many GUNDAM dubs, they could pop up in this game! Along with that, the title will also include a Japanese voiceover with English subs if you’d like a more original feel.

GUNDAM BREAKER 4 will have players fighting their enemies solo or with up to three friends in co-op multiplayer. In addition, the game goes back to the roots of the franchise letting players create the Gunpla of their dreams with a large collection of mobile suits and parts, as well as a new diorama mode.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM is a franchise that celebrates its 45th anniversary this year and was created by Sunrise Inc. The first animation series of the franchise, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM was first broadcasted in Japan in 1979. Known for its giant mechas called “Mobile Suit” as well as its sci-fi military stories, the franchise grew in popularity throughout the years and counts now more than 50 TV series, films and OVA, along with plenty of merchandise; the most known being Gunpla, plastic model kits with whom people can recreate small versions of their favorite mobile suits.

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