Contra: Operation Galuga is coming to Switch on March 12th, 2024, which means there’s only a bit over two weeks left until we all get to enjoy the latest entry in this long-running franchise. If that wait seems unbearable, you can hop on the Switch eShop right now and grab a free demo that lets you run through the game’s first level.

Many have already hopped in on the demo to give things a once-over, and the impressions so far seem to be positive. That said, there have been some complaints about framerate hitches throughout the demo, but the good news is that those should be a thing of the past in the full game.

WayForward, the devs behind Contra: Operation Galuga, recently participated in a Reddit AMA and directly addressed the framerate hiccups. According to the team, the demo was slightly old code, but rest assured the team has been optimizing all throughout development. WayForward says that the game will “perform better” than what you see in the demo, as the hitches have been addressed. As for the framerate overall, Contra: Operation Galuga will run at 30fps.


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4M ago

Sounds good, but I'll believe it when i see it.

It took them like a whole year to patch RCG2's framerate to an acceptable level on the Switch, and even then it still runs worse than the first game.


4M ago

30fps, hitching or not, is not acceptable for a Contra game. I will be absolutely avoiding the Switch version.