SUNSOFT has been slowly but surely making their way back into today’s gaming landscape, and they’re doing so with remakes, remasters and brand-new titles. The company has been discussing a lot of these titles via live-streams on YouTube, and in one of their recent showcases, the company snuck in a sly tease of something to come.

The image above comes from just a few seconds during a SUNSOFT live-stream, and one icon in particular is quite interesting. All but one Switch icon featured is for games we already know about, but “SUNSOFT is Back!: Retro Game Selection” is the lone standout. As far as we can tell, this game hasn’t been mentioned anywhere at all.

It’s pretty easy to guess what SUNSOFT is Back!: Retro Game Selection would offer, as there are plenty of fantastic retro SUNSOFT games that fans would love to see return. Just what games are included in this selection remain to be seen, but it’s still nice to know the collection is in the works. Once SUNSOFT officially reveals SUNSOFT is Back!: Retro Game Selection and details what it includes, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Thanks to Connor for the heads up!

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