There have been plenty of Pokémon-branded collaborations with railway lines in Japan, but that’s not the only Nintendo-related property that’s getting some train love. Nintendo and JR Kyushu have teamed up for a Splatoon 3 train line, and the service is now up-and-running for kids and squids in Japan.

In honor of the collaboration kicking off, a special train called “Limited Express Splat’’ was put into operation, and it was welcome with a departure ceremony held at Hakata Station. This included a first-look at the themed train in person, a ton of posters and decorations at Hakata Station, and even a special event that named an Inkling as the “Station Master of the Day.”


Those who are lucky enough to ride the Limited Express Splat can enjoy all sorts of Splatoon-themed fun while inside the car. You’ll sometimes hear music from Splatoon 3 while snooping through Splatoon 3 merch to purchase, and all of the train business is conducted by staff wearing Splatoon-themed gear! There’s even a Splatoon-themed stamp rally to take part in as you pass between stations.

If you’d like to get a better look at the Limited Express Splat or the launch ceremony for this collaboration, you can find a massive gallery of photos at this link.

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