Nintendo makes the vast majority of their money from game hardware and software, but it’s not the only sector the Big N dabbles in. Staying true to their roots, Nintendo still has a number of products available in the ‘playing cards’ side of business, and that business was booming this year.

According to Nintendo’s Fiscal Year 2022 report, Nintendo made 2.7 billion yen from playing cards and more in the last year. This is up 55.9% year-over-year, which is quite a large jump! For those wondering about the breakdown, 1.7 billion of that figure came from Japan, while 987 million came from the Americas.

The only thing that we don’t know is what else Nintendo includes in their ‘playing card’ revenue. We obviously know it includes all sorts of card-related materials, but the category also mentions ‘ect.,’ so there’s some other sales factored into that overall figure.

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2y ago

That ¥2.7 billion converts to roughly €21.5 million. I don't see Europe being part of this and after looking at the Nintendo UK store I'm not surprised, they have a few different card sets. But €16 for a deck of Nintendo themed playing cards is ludicrous in my books. You can buy an ordinary deck of cards for less than €2.