Yoshinori Kitase is one of the biggest names at Square Enix, as he’s worked as a director and producer on a litany of huge games for the studio. Most recently, Kitase has been toiling away on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but that hasn’t kept him from enjoying other titles in his free time.

In the video feature above, Kitase answers a number of questions about gaming in general, giving him a chance to share some of his personal interests. In the video, we get to hear that Kitase is a particular big fan of both the Pikmin and Legend of Zelda franchises. Kitase says that Pikmin are his favorite game characters, and he’s played pretty much every mainline Zelda title.

Kitase also mentions that he’s completed Pikmin 4 once, but he’d like to go back and 100% the game. As for Tears of the Kingdom, Kitase mentions that he got right up to the end, but the development of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth got in the way of him completing the adventure. There’s no doubt Kitase will return to Hyrule once Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is out the door!


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