Vigor has been updated to Ver. 18.1. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Fixed: Mementos not being displayed in the Shelter
  • Fixed: Transmitter and Jammer static noise persisting even after tool destruction
  • Fixed: Missing localization in Game Guide for Booster tickets and Insurance
  • Fixed: Incorrect Czech localization of 2 Daily Challenges
  • Fixed: “Impaired” goggles clipping issues with male archetypes
  • Fixed: “Winter Scout Wrapping” clipping issues with some of the archetypes
  • Fixed: “Sadist’s Mask” clipping issues while performing gestures
  • Fixed: “Pelt mask” clipping issues with archetypes
  • Fixed: “Bonnie hat” clipping issues with other cosmetics
  • Fixed: “Julenisse” unifrom clipping issues with archetypes
  • Fixed: Inventory UI remains visible in spectator mode
  • Fixed: “Impact Helmet” icon colors do not reflect the color of the helmet
  • Fixed: Smoke Grenade post-process not properly triggering in some building interiors
  • Fixed: Double click or hold of the purchase button of Booster Tickets results in stuck UI -Fixed: The UI focus being restarted or lost after the “More Info” button is activated
  • Fixed: Matchmaking gets canceled after pressing “More info” button in the Shelter menu
  • Fixed: Closing Onboarding tip will automatically trigger opening Loadout sub-category
  • Fixed: Two tabs are highlighted in Game Guide at the same time
  • Fixed: Extensively holding the “Activate Button” for Booster Tickets will trigger the Activate UI window again
  • Fixed: “Craft button” not grayed out if there are not enough materials to craft weapons
  • Fixed: One type of Elimination loadout was duplicated
  • Fixed: Incorrect amount of ammo in some of the Elimination loadouts
  • Fixed: Incorrect weapon type in one of the Elimination loadouts
  • Added: Smoke grenade, M14, and their parts can now be found as loot in the Encounters
  • Added: New Xbox Game Pass Bundle to be released on March 19 – Outlands Express Pack
  • Tweaked: Better Crate Booster was renamed to “Airdrop Booster”

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