Depending on how deep you are into the world of Pokémon, you may already know about the error that’s been staring you in the face every time you pick up a new deck of Pokémon cards. Ever since the TCG released here in the states, there’s been a very tiny difference in the card design that has made some fans incredibly bothered. Now, all the way in 2024, an upcoming game from The Pokémon Co. is about to remedy the situation.

For those not in the know, here’s the situation. Pokémon TCG cards here in the states have been using a Poké Ball design that is different from the cards in Japan. Over in Japan, the cards the Poké Ball on the cards has its button attached to the top-half of the ball. Here in the states, our Poké Ball design on the cards has had the button attached to the bottom-half. Again, something incredibly minor, but dedicated fans have been annoyed with it for decades now.

As revealed in the upcoming Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket mobile app, Pokémon Co. is finally fixing the Pokémon Ball issue, albeit in digital form. When you rip open a fresh set of digital Pokémon TCG cards and spin them around, you’ll see a card back with a Poké Ball that has its button attached to the top-half of the ball. It’s an incredibly small change and we have no idea why Pokémon Co. has taken so long to fix it, but fans are just happy that it finally happened!


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4M ago

I'm pretty sure that's just the updated Japanese card back, as of like, a decade ago? Maybe my timeframe is off.