Nippon Ichi Software has shared a web commercial for Bar Stella Abyss, a brand-new roguelike strategy RPG that’s set for Switch release in Japan today. There’s still no word on a localization at this time, but you can check out the web commercial above.

Bar Stella Abyss is a roguelike strategy RPG in which you strengthen your party with the power of the constellations while exploring a dungeon in another world that changes form each time you play. In addition to exploring the other world, the story will unravel as you share drinks with the peculiar patrons of the bar “Stella Abyss.”

Stella Abyss is a hidden bar tucked away in the corner of the city. The protagonist, tired out by their day to day, is guided there by a flyer floating in the wind and opens its doors. Drunk on the cocktail he ordered as recommended by the bartender, the protagonist fell asleep. The hungover protagonist woke up to an unfamiliar voice echoing in their head. Before them was a mysterious creature floating in the air, and a magical scene of flowers in bloom. This is the “Drunken World,” the dream of a drunk person. The protagonist was robbed of their face and arm, and left trapped in this dream world.

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