The poncle team (Vampire Survivors) are nothing if not a bunch of diehard nerds.

In honor of Final Fantasy VII rebirth, and in celebration of one of their favourite game series of all time, they have released a little surprise: A loving recreation of the iconic Final Fantasy VII teaser trailer from 1997, set in the world of Vampire Survivors. The poncle homage mimics the original 2:18 minute long trailer beat-for-beat, shot-for-shot, swapping every detail out for something Survivor’s themed, right down to the quotes (‘I’ve never had sex but I think this is better’, etc).

Why did poncle make this tribute? To quote an insider: “Because we had the original trailer on a PlayStation demo disk and watched it on loop so now it’s scored into our brains. Plus the team is extremely hyped for Rebirth. What better way to celebrate than with a trailer of our own?”

As if that wasn’t enough, the team has also released a free new update today that has absolutely nothing to do with Final Fantasy. The far-out Space54 update adds 2 characters including someone called Space Dude, 4 weapons including the musical Phas3r gun, 1 stage, 1 relic and 7 achievements all themed around – what else? – the Phaser framework, AKA the original engine of Vampire Survivors! The update is out today on Switch today, and you can see a piece-by-piece breakdown below.

7 New Achievements

2 New Characters:

Bat Robbert – When falling below 20% health, he gains +16 MaxHP (max +400) and recovers 30% health. This ability recharges every time the character is fully healed.

Space Dude – Every few seconds fires all weapons regardless of their Cooldown. The cooldown of this ability is affected by the Cooldown stat.

New Weapons:

  • Pako Battiliar – May retaliate when losing health.
  • Phas3r – Pew Pew! Generates thin damaging zones. High Amount scaling.

New Stage

  • Space54 – A cosmic trek through horrors and delights.

New Relic

  • Allows to enable random level up choices.
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