Gaijin Entertainment and Matter Team announce the release of the “Cuisine Royale’’ major content update for the online shooter CRSED: F.O.A.D. It brings a survival mode with classic harsh rules of a battle royale game: you fight using only realistic weapons, improvised armor, your favorite cigar, a handy medical drip and other items you fetch on short notice.

The Cuisine Royale mode is being introduced at the request of the most loyal fans of the game, who like simple and fair battles for survival in a deadly arena without sophisticated magic and ingenious traps. With the release of the update, players can freely alternate Cuisine Royale with other CRSED modes that feature mystical rituals and incredible superpowers. All the new maps and heroes that were added to CRSED as the game expanded are available in the Cuisine Royale mode.

The new update also makes it easier to unlock new heroes for free - now this can be done using summon stones, which are awarded for success in battles. Finally, the number of fighters in a squad in Squads mode has been reduced to a more optimal three - this was done at the request of players and after taking into account the gameplay statistics.

The Cuisine Royale update has been developed by the Matter Team, which also worked on the previous update and the “I’mMortal” season.

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