At the latest edition of NACON Connect, NACON presented to gamers worldwide the gaming accessories which have underpinned the brand’s success in recent months, as well a wide selection of games due for release shortly. NACON Connect definitely had something catering for everyone, and that includes Switch gamers.

The tactical turn-based game Crown Wars: The Black Prince presents a new trailer showcasing the weapons available in the game: 13 types of realistic and upgradeable weapons, with unique skills enabling players to design their own flawless combat strategy. In the midst of the 100 Years War, a series of bloody conflicts between several rival royal families, the player must build up their units to seek out the source of the darkness, and foil a diabolical plot: a shadowy evil organization sowing chaos throughout the kingdom in its quest for power - the Order.

Ravenswatch, the well-known roguelike playable either in solo or co-op mode in a team of up to 4, is nearing the final stages of its early access phase. Already tried out by more than 400,000 players, this title, whose setting draws inspiration from tales and legends from all over the globe, has announced the forthcoming release of Avalon, the third and final chapter of its adventure, which will be available on PC in April. The title will come to Switch sometime after.


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