While the mainline Final Fantasy series may have moved away from pixel art decades ago, there’s still plenty who absolutely adore the style and fondly remember the early days. That’s probably why Square Enix has kicked off a new line of merch that is squarely aimed at the nostalgic players out there.

Square Enix has a series of new Sprite Lights available in Japan, and the lineup consists of Final Fantasy XIII‘s Lightning, Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy VI‘s Terra Branford. Please note that these sprite designs are specifically from Final Fantasy Record Keeper, the Android and iOS mobile game, but they obviously retain the old-school look from the SNES era of Final Fantasy.

Each of these lights is priced at $23.50 and measure roughly 4 inches tall. The trio of lights are available to pre-order in Japan now, with shipments expected to launch on June 15th, 2024. You can get a closer look at this Sprite Light lineup via the Square Enix Japan store.

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