Paleo Pines has been updated to Ver. 1.3.3. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Added gorgeous new dino colours through a collaboration with mods and content creators.
  • Added ‘deluxe’ herbivore and carnivore foods, which last longer and provide bonus happiness.
  • Wild collectables can now be picked up while mounted, if the dino has the right skill.
  • Factories (Windmills and Fertiliser!), ranch storage units, and the town board can now be opened while mounted.
  • Added the Chocolate Egg Hunt, where for a limited time you can find chocolate eggs which can be used to instantly befriend a dino or raise a dino to helper level. We hope you find them all!

Additional Updates

  • Fixed a rare error where the credits wouldn’t play. We definitely want you to see the awesome team that created Paleo Pines!
  • Fixed Zara’s idle animation not looping, causing her to appear frozen.
  • Fixed various issues with small dinos working at hubs.
  • Other minor fixes and memory optimizations.

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