Kiddos and squiddos, we’re just a couple of days away from the launch of Fresh Season 2024 in Splatoon 3! Ahead of its release, Nintendo has shared a few more details on what we can expect from this seasonal update, and there’s plenty to look forward to.

Did you have a particular piece of gear from Splatoon 2 that you really loved? Be it for fashion or function, it’s time to get excited, as your favorite apparel might find its way back into Splatoon 3 with Fresh Season 2024.

While Nintendo hasn’t shared specifics, they did say that more than 150 pieces of gear from Splatoon 2 will be returning to shops starting next season. Remember, the inventory changes daily, so check in often. Best of all, some returning gear will feature the Adjust Gear option so you can rework these classic looks.

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5M ago

That's not very fresh 😛


5M ago

This season is already living up to it's hype and who ever says otherwise is lying