Shoot ‘em ups and retro gaming come together in this brand new vertical shooter ‘Xelan Force’ by PiXEL.

Xelan Force promises an experience as close as possible to the games that came out almost 40 years ago. From the colors to the sound, you won’t be able to put this modern 8-bit style game down!

You can get Xelan Force here for $10.00.

“Xelan Force—an 8-bit style side-scrolling shooting game. When developing this game, we really wanted players to remember the giddy excitement of the good-old says, while also sharing that experience with new players. This retro-esque game features sound equivalent to actual 8-bit machines, limited colors, and as few modern gaming reference as was possible.

The music is by Yasuhiro Inazawa, who has worked on many video games in the past. Works • Death Crimson OX • Captain Love • Dragon Master Silk Gaiden The main visual released today was done by Studio Vigor Co., Ltd, who also did art for the popular game ““Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon’s Fist.””

Based around a P-L-S (Pilot-Level-Score) system! The difficulty changes depending on the player’s skill. And the higher the difficulty, the higher the score! Aim for the high score in caravan mode! With a different feel depending on whether you play offense or defense, plus hidden items to find, we’ve made a game that you can play over and over again.”

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