MAGES. has announced a brand-new suspense visual novel titled Iwakura Aria, and it’s heading to the Switch in Japan on June 27th, 2024. This will see a retail release for 4,950 yen and eShop launch for 4,400 yen. There will also be a physical limited edition for 7,150 yen that includes a soundtrack CD and visual card set.

Iwakura Aria is a dramatic suspense title that depicts the love-and-hate pattern of human relationships and the strong bonds between women. It is a suspenseful human drama set in Japan during a period of rapid economic growth. The rich story, which follows the complex and sometimes contradictory emotions of each character, and the turbulent developments brought about by their emotions, invites players back to “that summer” of 1966.

Key Features

Diverse Visuals Decorate the Story – Up-and-coming illustrator 100 Years‘ striking illustrations depict the game’s world. MAGES. creators use various textures to represent the essence of the characters and the core of the story. Tender, kind, emotional, shocking. Please look forward to many unforgettable scenes with beautiful graphics.

A Rich Scenario that Delicately Depicts the Subtleties of Human Nature – Who is Aria Iwakura? The closer “I” get, the further away she gets—the more I chase after her, the more I learn about myself. There are nine endings. 33 years after the main story, what kind of life will “I” be leading? A completely different future awaits the player depending on their choices.

Fully Voiced by a Wonderful Cast – The game is fully voiced by with a main cast that includes Ichiko Kitagawa (voiced by Sayumi Suzushiro), Aria Iwakura (voiced by Chie Nakamura), and Amane Iwakura (voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa).

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