Indie publisher Ratalaika Games and the two-manned indie developer Stately Snail are pleased to announce that One More Dungeon 2 is coming to Switch today. This is a first person, dungeon crawler roguelike, presentation that is the sequel to their successful original release - but now bigger, vastly improved and dramatically challenge intensive..

While you explore the dungeon, you will find new items, gain experience and level up the player. You also find Gold and Runes, which will be needed in the Hub location.

After death, you return to the Hub location and can spend the collected Gold and Runes. You can unlock new parts of the location, buy starting items for the next descent into the dungeons, level up the player, or open a shortcut to a certain level of the dungeon so as not to go through it from the very beginning.This progression is maintained between dungeon runs.

The original title game experience was focused on old shooters such as Catacomb3D, but with procedurally generated levels. The camera couldn’t even be rotated vertically. This sequel is a completely modern action game with a first-person view and a compelling story, a hub location to explore, boss battles, meta-progression and many new game mechanics and interactive objects.

The hub location is in the form of a ruined fortress, which must be explored and solve puzzles for the meta progression of the character. It is also inhabited by giant intelligent snails who captured the player and forced him to explore the dungeon. In the second zone the water is poisoned and the player moving through the flooded areas will become poisoned. And in the third there are plants that will explode if you get too close to them.

One More Dungeon 2 presents exciting and lots of interesting gameplay. Coming to your senses in a prison cell, one of your first recollections, after a short period of time, is a giant intelligent snail that says their king wants to see you. The king promises to let you go if you go down into the dungeon under their fortress and kill the Creature that has settled there. Agreeing, you enter the dungeon armed with a Magic Staff and a Broken Sword and start exploring the dungeon, find useful supplies, and fight enemies (Giant Rats, Bats, Skeletons). You come across a room with a teleport to a parallel world and after completing a small challenge in it, you receive an artefact and return back.

The story, action and challenges continue with some epic and fateful encounters and outcomes as the game expands and you progress!!! Big bosses to face and although you will sometimes die and be returned to the dungeon to begin again, progression is balanced to ensure an ongoing experience not missed.

Features & Facts

  • Average between 5-10 hours
  • After every two levels, the player will encounter a boss in a special arena
  • Nine levels (in five different biomes)
  • Melee weapons (swords, axes, daggers)
  • Potions and Relics
  • Five bosses.
  • Throw bomb
  • 30 types of enemies
  • Level map
  • The game has aim-assist

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