Excitement is contagious at Baltoro Games as we’re ready to release “Virus Rush,” on the Nintendo Switch today. Get ready to embrace the chaos of the microscopic world in an unprecedented bullet-hell adventure, where strategy meets survival in an epic clash of viral proportions.

A test of survival where you, a newly conscious virus, battle against the odds in a microscopic realm. With every enemy vanquished and every challenge overcome, you’ll not just survive; you’ll thrive. Customize your viral form, unlock potent abilities, and tailor your strategy to become the apex microbe.

The world of “Virus Rush” is vibrant and teeming with life, presenting a petri dish playground where danger and beauty coexist. Navigate through this tiny universe with precision and flair, exploiting the dynamic environments to your advantage.

“Virus Rush” is built on the foundation of evolution. Your success hinges on your ability to adapt – strategically enhancing your virus to face increasingly formidable foes. With a variety of game modes to challenge your skills, the fight for supremacy never ends.

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