Somehow, it’s been twenty years since Capcom launched the Monster Hunter series. Japanese gamers took to the franchise right away to make it an incredible success, but it took the rest of the world some time to come around. Thankfully during the Wii U/3DS era, gamers worldwide started to catch on, and now Monster Hunter is bigger than ever.

Want to see what’s next for Monster Hunter and also celebrate the franchise’s achievements? You can look forward to the Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Special Program, which is set to air on March 12th, 2024. You’ll have to tune in early at 7 AM ET to see this event as it airs, but good hunters know it’s always best to get an early start!

Capcom promises to showcase the the top 10 monsters of all time, as voted on by Monster Hunter fans across the globe. We’ll also get to see a look back on the last 20 years in general, and hopefully Capcom has a surprise or two in the works as well. Whatever gets featured/revealed/discussed, we’ll make sure to bring it all to you!


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