It’s time to put on your best hat, fend off hungry mimics, and marvel at brand new pixel art icons as Turning Wheel LLC proudly launches the Eat My Hat expansion for their intense dungeon crawler Barony. With this latest update, Turning Wheel continues to deliver on their Kickstarter promises while filling the game with tons of cool new content.


  • Equip your character with a myriad of new hats and masks making them the most fashion forward adventurer in Minetown. Each item comes with its own uniquely themed gameplay effect, opening up tons of new gear combination strategies.
  • With the addition of Mimics, players will have to think twice about opening that tempting-looking treasure chest. Mimics will eat the armor (yes, even hats), right off your body. Adventurers beware!
  • Items are prettier than ever with the addition of pixel art renditions of every icon in the game. Matthew Griebner continues his incredible work with his gorgeous take on Barony’s inventory!
  • If you’re looking to tackle a speedrun, or practice strategies on a familiar map, custom seeds are for you. Inputting a seed in the lobby settings of a game ensures that you’ll get the same dungeon over and over again. Practice makes perfect!

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