The team behind Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur has released a trailer that serves as a quick roundup of all the FREE post-launch content that has been added to the game, and there’s been quite a bit going okn!

Morgana’s blessings and curses: Now blessings and curses come in set pairs and change gameplay more dramatically, offsetting greater benefits with higher but more appropriately calculated risks.

Elite enemies: These tougher variants of common minions are equipped with two HP bars and cannot be staggered or knocked away by Arthur’s attacks until the first bar has been broken.

The power of the runes: Runes are now dropped by slain elite minions, mini-bosses and giants. These powerful new items grant Arthur temporary stat buffs to give him the edge in future battles.

12 new knight blessings: Arthur can now experiment with additional blessings including the Watchful Wisp, Thunderous Cannon, Overcharge, and Burning Aura.

10 new merchant items: Visit Assam to discover new wares including the Dextrous Cape and the Arcane Bangle.

Custom gameplay modifier: Visit the Jester at Castle Camelot to tweak a huge amount of gameplay parameters to truly customize your experience.

If you’d like to see the patch notes for the most recent updates to the game, you can see the complete breakdown below.

Ver. 1.0.6

Improvement & Balancing

  • Added 12 new Knight blessings
  • Added 10 new merchant items
  • Added MARKED, a new status effect that increases the critical chance when attacking marked enemies
  • Reduced Sword of Camlann’s sword stagger damage
  • Optimized game resolution when playing on monitors with 4:3 or 5:4 resolution
  • Increased invincibility duration after dodging and taking damage
  • Rebalanced the values of tarot card blessings and curses
  • Rebalanced rune values

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the collider size and position of the forest giant and desert giant
  • Fixed the attack collider size and position of Molten Golem
  • Fixed the Japanese localisation text for some blessings
  • Fixed the calculation of the sword damage upgrade at Greybeard’s Camp
  • Fixed joystick vibration not stopping when pausing the game
  • Fixed achievements not unlocking in the Epic Game Store version of the game
  • Fixed the calculation of the Blood Clover item and Heartpiercer blessing instant kill value

Ver. 1.0.7

In this update, we have implemented gameplay modifiers that allow you to deeply customize the level of challenge you’ll experience during runs. This new feature will unlock after you have recruited the Jester to your kingdom and will trigger either when you head into a dungeon, or when you talk to the Jester in the kingdom. The modifier settings will remain unchanged unless altered, meaning they will not reset once you return from your run.

Each active modifier will progress the bar by 1 node, with bonus coins and giant crystals available for every 5 nodes (+125%, +150%, +200%). The more challenging your runs, the higher the amount of coins and crystals that will drop once an area has been cleared.

  • Enemy HP (100%, 150%, 200%) – increases the HP of enemies
  • Enemy Damage (100%, 150%, 200%) – increases the damage dealt by enemies
  • Enemy Count (100%, 150%, 200%) – increases the amount of enemies spawned (not including mini-bosses and giants)
  • Additional Elite Enemies (Normal, +1, +2) – increases the amount of Elite Enemies in the first wave of each room
  • Arthur Max HP (100%, 75%, 50%) – reduces Arthur’s max HP
  • Disable Active Skill Slots (none, 1 slot, 2 slots) – reduces the amount of Active Skill Slots
  • Merchant item Prices (100%, 150%, 200%) – increases the price of items sold by the traveling merchant
  • Disable Runes Drop – no runes will be dropped

Improvements & bug fixes:

  • Fixed Bors’ secondary skill (Slicing Orbit) knives always dealing critical damage for each of knife
  • Fixed roll/dodge length becoming shorter after attacking or getting damaged
  • Increased the spawn chance and amount of potions
  • Tristan’s secondary skill (Thousand Blossom Slash) now always hits 3 times even if there’s only 1 enemy left

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