I am not someone who follows traditional sports. I don’t have anything against them by any means, I just haven’t been personally interested. Maybe it’s related to all the bad memories from grade school gym class…but that’s another topic! While I don’t pay attention to sports, plenty of you lovely people do, and that’s how I find out about things like this!

Reader Khufu is an avid sports fan, and he caught a pretty fantastic Nintendo reference during the latest “Shaqtin’ a Fool” segment during Inside the NBA. Shaqtin’ a Fool aims to lampoon moments from NBA games in the last week that don’t exactly show teams or players in their best light.

In the segment above, you can see the latest round-up of goofs and gaffes from NBA games, and at the 2:03 section we get some Nintendo-themed references to highlight a moment. In particular, we get to see a Bob-omb hit the court alongside a blue shell, all accompanied by music from Super Mario 64.

If they keep throwing in all these gaming references for NBA games, I might have to start tuning in!

Thanks to Khufu for the heads up!

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