The original Octopath Traveler came to Switch back in 2018, so chances are those who wanted it have already purchased the title. If you want to go the physical route, you can still do so with ease through multiple retailers. If you’re interested in the digital option, you’re going to need some patience.

Some fans noticed today that Octopath Traveler has disappeared from the Switch eShop. If you visit the game’s page on, you’ll see that option to purchase has been grayed out and replaced with a “not available” button. If you already own the game digitally, you’ll still see the “already downloaded” button.

Wondering what the deal is here? As you might know, Nintendo was the publisher for Octopath Traveler when it first released, but that deal has now come to an end. This means that publishing duties have now reverted back to Square Enix, and with that comes some behind-the-scenes rejiggering. While we don’t know the return date for the digital version of Octopath Traveler, there’s no doubt it’ll be back soon. Once the game reappears for purchase, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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5M ago

Bit strange to change the publisher for a game that's already been published!