A court in Japan has found that an industrial doctor at Nintendo was responsible for the “power harassment” of two nurses, and now Nintendo must pay a $1,300 fine. Power harassment is “any kind of behavior in which a superior takes advantage of his or her position in the workplace to cause co-workers physical pain or emotional distress.” (h/t CaseIQ)

Two female nurses claimed that they were sent to Nintendo as part of a program that would lead to regular employment, but ended up being denied this due to a soured relationship with their boss. The duo also claimed the superior was the one behind the power harassment. The court found in favor of the women when it came to the power harassment claim, but disagreed that they were denied regular employment.

After the two nurses worked at Nintendo for roughly 5 months, their temping agency was told that the pair wouldn’t be brought on permanently because they, “failed to establish a smooth cooperative framework with the physician.” Apparently their superior failed to greet them at work and would only communicate with the two via email, which is what led to the power harassment ruling.

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5M ago

So... failing to greet someone at work qualifies as harassment?!


4M ago


I think there's a lot of reading between the lines to be had here.