Want yet another example of how time flies? Somehow, it’s already been 2 long years since Triangle Strategy made its way to Switch. In honor of the anniversary, the official Triangle Strategy social media account has shared a fresh piece of art and a special message.

The artwork above was posted to the Triangle Strategy Twitter (X) account, and it was created by artist Rina Yoshiura. That’s not all that was dished out though, as Triangle Strategy producer Yasuaki Arai also shared a short but sweet message with fans.

Arai first apologized to fans for saying that the team didn’t have anything new to announce for this year. If you were hoping to see a sequel in the works sometime in 2024, it looks like you can shelve those thoughts for now. That said, Arai did mention that the entire development team is working hard every day. What are they toiling away on? Clearly Arai wasn’t willing to say, but hopefully we get to hear about it come early 2025.

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