QubicGames has announced that Dentist Bling and Neon On by CrazyLabs will both be released for the Nintendo Switch on March 8th, 2024.

In Dentist Bling, dive into the world of tooth care and become a master dentist! Treat your patients with different dental issues, from cavities to plaque buildup, and watch as their smiles transform under your expert care. Don’t forget about your special BLING diamond treatment. This is a fancy teeth salon after all!


  • Perform various dental procedures
  • Decorate customers’ teeth with sparkling diamonds or apply a varnish that will change their color
  • Upgrade / customize the look of your clinic
  • Unlock and apply funny tooth, bling, and chair skins

In Neon On, get your neon cables out of knots and connect them to the right light sources to create amazing neon masterpieces!

In Neon On, the colors are the key to each puzzle. Every box needs to be connected to the socket of the same color otherwise it won’t work. Some boxes even require combining a couple of hues to create a different color.

Challenge yourself to complete many levels where you will find various obstacles, from laser gates that can cut your cables to moving light sources or rotating boxes. Besides, be careful while moving the wires because they can easily get tangled, disconnected, and fall to the ground!


  • Solve puzzles by matching the colorful light sources to the correct boxes
  • Combine different hues to create entirely new colors
  • Connect the cables if the wire is too short, but be careful - the more you move them, the more they can get tangled!
  • Avoid pulling wires through laser walls - they will cut everything in half
  • Complete all stages of a level to light up a large animated neon sign!
  • Collect coins and buy skins for power boxes, cables, and themes
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