It’s kill or be killed as EA and Respawn have revealed the brand new Apex Legends Inner Beast Collection Event, which will take place from March 5–19. This latest event for Apex Legends: Breakout introduces a new Battle Royale takeover with The Hunt, as well as 24 limited-time cosmetics including Bloodhound’s “Prowler Guardian” skin and Octane’s new Butterfly Knife heirloom “Octane’s Prototype.”

Battle Royale Takeover: The Hunt - Legends can track their way to victory in the all-new Battle Royale takeover, The Hunt. Players use a Hunt Datapad to track and eliminate their Prey Squad for a reward. However, the Prey Squad can turn the tables on their pursuers and claim rewards by eliminating them or outlasting them for the duration of the hunt.

Event Items - Throughout the event, players can climb the Rewards Track and ensnare 24 event cosmetics like Bloodhound’s “Prowler Guardian” skin and the “Mawful” C.A.R. SMG skin, tailor-made for close-quarter takedowns. If they capture all 24 limited-time items before the event ends, they will receive Octane’s new Butterfly Knife heirloom “Octane’s Prototype” – sharp enough to slice through the densest jungle…and enemy squads.

Additional details about the event can be found below as well as in the blog post here.

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