LEGO has released a very quick teaser video for a special event they’ll be hosting, and it’s going to be all about Mario. Save the date of March 9th, 2024 for an exciting LEGO Super Mario event, all in honor of this year’s Mario Day. The video certainly teases that something more is on the way, but we’ll have to tune in to find out what.

LEGO and Nintendo have been working together for years now, and it all started with their LEGO Mario series. While we recently saw the release of LEGO Animal Crossing products as well, LEGO and Nintendo have been constantly updating the Mario line for years. From new playsets and characters to much more, there’s plenty of LEGO Mario love to go around.

Whatever LEGO and Nintendo reveal for Mario come March 9th, 2024, we’ll make sure to bring you the complete breakdown!


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2M ago

Incoming LEGO Waluigi complete with temporary tattoos, weirdly detailed feet, shifty eyes, and his collection of library cards