When it comes to painstakingly chronicling world records in videogames, no one does it better than Summoning Salt. The gaming world record aficionado puts an absolute mountain of work and effort into breaking down the history of those records, and this time he’s turned his focus to Super Mario 64.

As usual, there’s more than just one world record for Super Mario 64. Depending on the methodology and approach, players can virtually run to be the best in the world. Of course, this is a situation where milliseconds might as well be hours, and some records take years to achieve, only to be barely beaten just a few weeks later.

In today’s video, we get a look at a very particular set of speedrunning attempts for Super Mario 64. As if it weren’t hard enough to run through the game as quickly as possible, some have decided to take on the task while blindfolded. While all of the Super Mario 64 speedrun categories are enthralling, there might be none more impressive and seemingly superhuman than that of the blindfolded category. You can see how this unique challenge started and where things are now in the video above!

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