Vampire Survivors has been updated to Ver. 1.9.0. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New Content:

  • 7 new EXTRA achievements
  • 1 new bonus stage
  • 2 new characters
  • 4 new weapons (of which 2 evos)
  • 1 new relic

Tweaks and fixes:

  • Optimisation for spawning of gems and coins
  • Optimisation for weapons that interact with pickups (Gatti Amari, Vicious Hunger, etc.)
  • Fixed red XP gems sometimes flying away and taking forever to come back
  • Fixed Coffins not spawning if the corresponding character had been unlocked via a spell
  • Fixed Crimson Shroud not triggering retaliation damage
  • Fixed a layering issue with CosmicEgg enemy
  • Fixed merchant alignment upon multiple opens
  • Fixed some particle emitters leaving gaps
  • Fixed collision shape of Valkyrie Turner
  • Fixed bought weapons in Adventures that wouldn’t always level up in the same run they had been bought
  • Fixed multiple evos of the same weapon appearing in treasure chests when only one should be present
  • Fixed some animations going at insane speed on certain monitors
  • Fixed Victory Sword not instant-killing some reapers that should have been weak to it
  • Fixed text scaling sometime being off in Stage Selection
  • Fixed display of secret characters sometime showing question marks when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed timing of events tied to music in Gallo Tower, Astral Stair, Eudamonia Machine
  • Fixed “Show Guides” option resetting after every run
  • Fixed The Directer sometime not getting counted as defeated in the Bestiary
  • Tentative fix for Linux launch issue and missing Steam Overlay
  • [MOONSPELL] Fixed time limit in Adventure Chapter 5
  • [FOSCARI] Fixed Arcana XIX – Heart of Fire sometimes not applying to Prismatic Missile
  • [FOSCARI] Optimisation for Shadow Servant at high Amount
  • [FOSCARI] Fixed Je-Ne-Viv’s World Eater’s offset
  • [EM] Fixed Mini Impostor and Impostongue appearing as level up options when they shouldn’t anymore
  • [EM] Fixed the medical scan not clearing its projectiles when the character dies
  • [EM] Fixed interaction between Just Vent and Pentagram triggering errors
  • [EM] Fixed Magnet bonus from Paranormal Scan being 10 times smaller than it should have been
  • [EM] Fixed white box shown on some maps while in Adventures
  • Other minor bugfixes, tweaks, memory optimisations
  • A lot of background work for accounts management and Cross-Save

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