Pikmin 4 has multiple aspects that are tied to efficient use of your time. All of that relates to, as Nintendo would say, the art of Dandori. Now those in Japan who feel they have mastered the ins and outs of Dandori will be able to prove so in an upcoming public test.

Nintendo is hosting a Pikmin 4 Dandori Test in Fukuoka City on March 30th and 31st, 2024, and anyone interested in participating will need to sign up before March 11th, 2024. Rather than this being a Dandori Battle, participants will be going solo to show off their skills in the Aquarium Dandori Challenge.

The goal for participants in this Dandori Test is to score a platinum medal in the Aquarium Dandori Challenge, and to do so as quickly as possible. With players knowing which stage will be presented during the Test, they can take the next few weeks at home to practice routes ahead of the event.

All those who participate in the Dandori Test will receive an official certificate that proves their Dandori power, along with an A4 Clear File. If someone manages to get a score of 230 or more, they’ll get to take home a Pikmin 4 mini-towel. If anyone should reach a score of 350 or higher, they’ll be able to grab a Dandori t-shirt in one of three styles.

Even if you aren’t participating in the Pikmin 4 Dandori Test, there’s still plenty of reasons to visit the event. Nintendo has shared that there will be plenty of photo opportunities available, including spots where you can snap pics with various Pikmin and Oatchi. This Dandori Test also happens to be taking place during the Pikmin Bloom Tour 2024: Fukuoka, and you can read a recap on that event here.

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5M ago

BIggest thing i missed in pikmin 4, a highscore mode, i guess its not to have similar gameplay to pikmin 3 and compete that way since its on switch as well but i felt the only thing to grind was the full adventure and olimars thing and not really for highscore.