Today, rokaplay is excited to officially announce “Sugardew Island - Your Cozy Farm Shop” an enchanting shop-keeper / farming adventure set on a deserted island.

Following a surprising storm and shipwreck, players awaken on Sugardew Island, once a place of harmony between humans, animals, and the mystical Forest Folk. However, greed led to the attempted destruction of the sacred Harmony Tree, plunging the island into chaos. Now the players must restore harmony by running their own farm shop, managing the farm, building relationships with the animals and engaging with the forest folk.

Today, on March 5th, rokaplay is thrilled to present the first gameplay trailer, showcasing the cozy and captivating gameplay experience that awaits players.

Key Features of “Sugardew Island” include:

🌽 Farming: Take care of your plants, make fertilizer, and sell your farm produce. 🛒 Your Farm Shop: Sell items in your shop and negotiate with the Forest Folk for prices. ⚒️ Resource Gathering: Collect wood, stones, and weeds for farm improvements. 🐑 Animals: Feed, interact, and build bonds with animals for eggs and milk. 🐈 Pet Companions: Give names to pets, interact with them, and let them follow you around the island. ☯️ Harmony Tree Quests: Fulfill orders to heal the Harmony Tree and upgrade the small island. 💰 Trader Tomte: Purchase seeds, animals, and more from the friendly trader. 👷🏽‍♂️ Upgrade System: Improve your house, barn, and tools to enhance efficiency.

The release of “Sugardew Island” is currently planned for Q2 2024 on Switch. The release timing might adjust based on how well the Kickstarter campaign, which began today, goes.

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