Princess Peach: Showtime! is coming to the Switch on March 22nd, 2024, which isn’t too far off. It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen Peach step into the spotlight on her own for a new adventure, and plenty of Switch owners are more than ready to give the game a go. That said, some others are a bit weary about this outing, but it appears Nintendo might have a solution to that.

Nintendo insider Pyoro is at it again, this time stirring up some discussion for Princess Peach: Showtime!. One of Pyoro’s social media followers reached out to the insider for a bit of discussion about Princess Peach: Showtime!, asking if there would be a trial version. Pyoro linked back to a Tweet they shared back in Sept. 2023 mentioning that it was “finally Princess Peach showtime.”

While Pyoro’s posts can be cryptic, they’re never so vague that you can’t understand what they’re getting at. This interaction from Pyoro certainly seems to indicate that a demo is on the way for Princess Peach: Showtime!, and with the game less than a month away, you’d have to think that would drop any day now. Perhaps it’ll be yet another surprise to show up on Mar10 Day!

Thanks to The8BitLego for the heads up!

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