Serenity Forge today teamed up with Asymmetric Games to release two new physical editions of the comedic adventure-RPG Shadows Over Loathing, featuring stick figures, strategic turn-based combat, upsetting fish humanoids, questionable time travel ethics and other stuff. All sorts of other stuff.

Both the Standard Physical Edition and Collector’s Edition are available now at your favorite retailer or the Serenity Forge online store here.

Shadows Over Loathing poses the question of how far you’ll go to locate your missing uncle when both shadowy villains and eldritch tentacles are involved. With puzzles, quests, danger, jazz and a large number of stick figures in your way, your journey will take many unexpected turns.

The Standard Physical Edition of Shadows Over Loathing ($44.99) features the following:

  • The Physical game
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Sticker Sheet
  • Soundtrack Download Card
  • Microfiber Mapkin (Map-Napkin)

Shadows Over Loathing’s Collector’s Edition ($99.99) comes with everything in the Standard Physical Edition along with the following in a special collector’s box:

  • Postcard set featuring beloved Shadows Over Loathing locations
  • A Modern Compass for your modern navigational needs
  • 2.5D Rubber Tentacle Keychain for all of your 2.5D Rubber Tentacle Keychain needs
  • A Window Sticker Family including the upsetting fish humanoid that was foreshadowed earlier
  • Coaster set featuring Shadows Over Loathing designs
  • S.I.T. Freshman Disorientation Guide (trifold brochure)
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