Publisher Aerosoft and developer crenetic are pleased to reveal that Emergency Call 112: The Attack Squad has officially launched on Nintendo Switch. The emergency simulation gives Nintendo Switch players a realistic insight into the everyday life of a fire department attack team. You can purchase a digital copy of the game today for €29.99 or a physical copy for €39.99.

Whether it’s car fires, rescuing people from elevators or large fires in office buildings and tunnels, in Emergency Call 112: The Attack Squad, firefighting fans can take on a variety of exciting missions in the role of the squad of the same name. They have numerous materials at their disposal, such as a smoke curtain, the Halligan tool, a turntable ladder and various extinguishing agents. Random events also provide additional challenges. A suddenly exploding gas cylinder and other accidents can increase the adrenaline of an operation in a flash.


A wide range of varied and challenging assignments

The tactical decisions influence the further course of each mission

Gameplay from the first-person perspective: interaction with characters and inventory management

Authentic equipment such as smoke curtain, Halligan tool, turntable ladder and various extinguishing agents

Evaluation after each use to indicate the potential for improvement

Emergency Call 112: The Attack Squad is now available in both digital and retail for the Nintendo Switch. Digital copies cost €29.99 and physical copies cost €39.99.


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