Among Us has been updated to v2024.3.05. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Crewmates will no longer teleport or ‘snap’ to a task when starting one.
  • Main Menu no longer goes to black screen after quickly selecting a map from the Practice Menu.
  • A variety of cosmetic fixes so you can continue having good drip.
  • RB and R1 prompts don’t appear on the screen twice when using cams on controller.
  • Lobby Settings won’t remain on screen at the start of a match.
  • Previewing items in a Cosmicube display on your selected Crewmate color instead of defaulting to Red.
  • [Classic] The Impostor count no longer reduces twice when an ejected Impostor leaves the game.
  • [Airship] Crewmates will not get stuck in the climbing animation while on a ladder when a sabotage ends.
  • [The Fungle] Crewmates hats no longer float behind them when riding the zipline. They finally hold onto their hats.
  • [Practice] [The Fungle] Crewmates will no longer clip through the map if they are using the zipline or ladders when a sabotage ends.
  • [Android] Game will no longer crash if a player moves close to a dead Crewmate under certain conditions.
  • [Xbox] Game will no longer soft lock if the controller disconnects while using the zipline, platforms, or ladders.
  • [Console] Game no longer crashes when you tilt the left stick to drop the last piece of the “Assemble Artifact” task.
  • [Crossplatform] The “You’re Boned” cosmetic icon is now correctly displayed.

Known Bugs:

  • [The Fungle] Crewmates may sometimes leave their hand behind on the zipline.
  • [The Fungle] Player’s left hand may not appear as the correct color while wearing the Right Hand Man skin and using the zipline.
  • [Crossplatform] After attempting to merge a temporary account into a full account, some players may experience a Friendcode Fail error preventing account login Impostors may teleport to a vent near a Crewmate when the Crewmate completes the “Clean Vent” task, even if the Impostor was not in the vent at the time.
  • [iOS] Players who have deleted their account data may be unable to log in after creating a new account on the same device.
  • [Android] Some players may be unable to link their Discord accounts to their Among Us account.

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