There have been plenty of South Park games over the years in all sorts of genres, but none have found more success than South Park: The Stick of Truth and South Park: The Fractured but Whole. These titles were expansion RPGs that mimicked the 2D look of the TV show to perfection, but the team behind the series wanted to try something new for their next title.

South Park: Snow Day is a local 4-player co-op experience, but it’s not the shift in mechanics that’s gotten the lion’s share of attention. That would go to the game’s visuals and engine, which has shifted from a faithful 2D recreation to a full-on 3D experience. In an interview with IGN, South Park co-creator Matt Stone explained how this shift came about.

“The 2D stuff - amazing as it was to make those games - it was really, really hard when you think about what you have to work with. It’s just very confined, how we even made those fights work. And it’s the freedom here to create, it’s just a lot easier in the 3D realm. For me, I just accept that these are the South Park kids. I know it’s a new look, but to me that makes total sense. I think we’ve learned a lot about the animation. And I think now we could really go further.”

[Matt Stone, South Park co-creator]

UPDATE: This information above came from a larger interview over at IGN with both South Park co-creator Matt Stone and Snow Day! writer Jameel Saleem. If you’re curious to know more about how this game came together and what makes it different from the last two titles, give the video below a watch.


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