Hex Gambit: Respawned, the quirky and competitive digital tabletop game from developer One Man Left Studios and publisher Blowfish Studios, unleashes outlandish mayhem and memorable characters on Nintendo Switch today.

About the game:

Join a glorious battle to compete against the dastardly brilliant Mastermind and his daunting tower of challenges! Command an army of powerful pawns, each equipped with distinct special abilities designed to conquer and counter foes. Conduct strategic, big-brained moves against the rival team to claim victory against an undefeated ruler in a challenging single-player campaign. 

Even if the Mastermind has fallen, the war has yet to be won: take on cunning opponents in 1v1  head-to-head competitions, or join with up to three other players in friendly local or online matches. Armed with an expansive arsenal and cartoonish fits of rage, blast and pummel adversaries across the map – or destroy them entirely.  

Grizzled strategy veterans and tabletop gaming newbies can both easily jump in, thanks to the intuitive, easy-to-learn mechanics with plenty of depth for expanded strategic possibilities. Not content to be a strictly vanilla affair, Hex Gambit: Respawned offers a vast selection of adjustable settings designed to provide a balanced experience for newcomers and extra challenge options for those with plenty of strategy experience. 

Game Details and Features:  

  • Select from 10 Captains, each with distinct minion loadouts
  • Explore seven Map themes with 21 different layouts
  • Conquer opponents across three game modes
  • Wage war across a suite of devices with cross-platform matching options

“Hex Gambit: Respawned is a digital board game for seasoned strategy lovers and novices alike. The usual skill trees and equipment management are trimmed off in favor of straightforward, easy-to-pick-up mechanics that interact in surprising and chaotic ways,” Adam Stewart, Founder, One Man Left Studios. “A host of custom house rule modifiers and player handicap settings let 2-4 players tailor the experience for their own ideal game night.”


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