The creators of Back to Bed and the Figment Franchise have now been around for 10 years after their debut as nominees at the IGF Student awards back in 2014. Today marks the anniversary of the independent studio led by Klaus Pedersen and Jonas Byrresen.

Bedtime Digital Games now boasts a catalogue of 5 launched titles, netting millions of copies sold worldwide on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. Figment 2 being their most recent release launched in March of 2023 to critical acclaim and now sits at a 96% positive rating on Steam.

“The past 10 years haven’t come easy,” said Bedtime CEO, Klaus Pedersen. “We’ve had to shift our priorities, balance out projects many times. Thankfully, we’ve had the same core team since the start of the studio which is not something everyone can say.” “I think this has largely contributed to Bedtime’s footing through the industry’s ups and downs,” Klaus concluded.

After developing and self-publishing games over the years, Bedtime Digital Games took its first steps into publishing in 2022. Their first published title, The Forest Quartet, won the IGF in Excellence in Audio at last year’s GDC.

To celebrate the 10 years of creating and publishing games independently, Bedtime Digital Games will have a daily deal for Figment 2 with its deepest discount to date at 70% off and a sale across all games.


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