Balatro came to Switch on Feb. 20th, 2024, along with other platforms. The game has been quite the hit, as the dev team has confirmed last week that they sold a whopping 250k copies within just 72 hours! Well, we now have an update on where the game sits sales-wise, and things have literally doubled.

Publisher Playstack has taken to social media to announce that Balatro now sits at 500k units sold across all platforms combined. The game managed to hit that 500,000 mark in just 10 days, so you can clearly see the momentum for Balatro is still there. Remember, the game is currently unavailable on the Switch eShop in Europe due to a ratings issue, but it will return soon. That said, you don’t have to wait to pick up the game, as you can hop on the Switch eShop in North America and grab the game no problem.

Balatro is a poker-inspired roguelike deck builder all about creating powerful synergies and winning big. Merging the timeless charm of poker with strategic deck-building elements, Balatro promises an engaging gameplay experience that is both nostalgically familiar and refreshingly new. The strategic twist of joker cards in the game adds an unexpected layer of excitement, broadening its appeal to a diverse range players.

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3M ago

I see you link... There's not much "poker" other than being familiar with the different hands. If you can learn those you are set!