There has been a ton of talk about Palworld, Nintendo and Pokémon Co., with the first bit of chatter starting when the game was revealed. That discussion only intensified when Palworld released, with plenty thinking the game’s Pals looked awfully close to official Pokémon designs. Even the Pokémon Co. chimed in on the matter…vaguely, by saying that they’ll always protect their IP from infringement.

So much talk about Palworld from Nintendo fans, but the craziest part of all is that the game is nowhere to be found on Nintendo platforms! As far as we know, there are no plans to bring the game to Switch, so Nintendo gamers will have to stick with the Pokémon side of things for now. That hasn’t stopped one group of dedicated artists from imagining what Palworld would be like on Nintendo hardware, but with something decidedly older than Switch.

The 64 Bits gang has cooked up another proof-of-concept video that shows what Palworld would be like if it were made for the Nintendo DS. Not surprisingly, the video shows off an experience that looks incredibly close in style and gameplay to the Pokémon games of the DS era. It’s most likely true that Palworld wouldn’t exist without Pokémon, and this video makes it seem like that would be true in the past as well!

To be clear, this video is just a work of fiction and art, and not an actual fan-made port. There are no efforts from fans to bring Palworld to the Nintendo DS, but this video definitely makes you wish there were!

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